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Private session – New Me Breath & Bodywork:

Every time you get upset, notice the contraction in your body. Breathe into that tightness in your throat, that weight in your chest. Resist taking action — no lashing out at someone else, no eating to numb yourself out, no turning on a screen to run away. Just notice the emotions moving through your body, without getting caught up in the story line. Once you get through that pain you’ve been avoiding, you won’t need to hang on to any kind of anger. It may arise — you’re still human! — but you’ll be able to notice it and let it go, rather than acting on it.

Connect with yourself to reach the core of your desires so that you can feel your own passion for life like never before. ⁣⁣

It is true! The answers are within you, yet they are not in your mind. You cannot program yourself to live the life you deserve. You must embody a new way of being.

– Engage more pleasure and  power in your body
– Know breathing patterns inself and others
– Shift unwanted emotional patterns into passions
– Feel Immediate benefits of more ease and flow in life

What people say about us.

Akram made me think that i will mask many of my fears; and shameful feelings. But the opposite happened; i was open to tell him things; I couldn’t even tell to myself. From the first session; my mind shifted; my way of thinking shifted and cannot wait to finish my course with him.

Nesrine Bengra
Nesrine Bengra

The reading was so accurate and uplifting!! Definitely gave me the courage to pursue the path I had been debating on. surely will recommend to several friends.


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