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About Akram

When considering self, we go by our name but there is a greater self than the name as many times name may be connected to our family members – however we are our own identity, we are our own distinct energy with our own identity.
I am Akram, a Life Coach and in my approach, I redefine coaching by creating a fusion of traditional and modern methods to guide people in achieving self-awareness and becoming the authentic version of themselves.
I studied Business at Notre Dame University in Lebanon and went on to Geneva Business School to earn my Masters Degree in International Business Management.
I moved to Dubai with a desire to interact with diverse cultures and to explore various forms of sensory perception and have since built a rewarding career in Communications and Public Relations spanning 12 years.
Despite a successful career, a deep yearning to find my true self never left me. I’ve had this urge in my heart ever since I was confronted with hardships and challenges at a young age.
Having reached a turning point, I gave in to this urge and decided to embark on a journey to find the real meaning of happiness, success, freedom, and courage.

Best Life Coach in Dubai

I started to research and study different techniques and methods of healing by travelling to holistic destinations around the world. In my journey, I discovered that the path to absolute self-awareness begins with letting go and learning to trust and to fully surrender to the universe.

I found that the more we let our guard down, the more things fall into place. It is by connecting our inner being to the higher energy that we can elevate our consciousness and be one with the universe. I also realised that my real passion was in serving and helping people find true healing to unleash and achieve their truest potential.

I have made many spiritual connections and friends around the world. And my experience led me to understand that “every second in our life is a gift to discover, learn and connect with the real power within us.”

I want to share these discoveries with you and guide you as you discover your own unique path to enlightened consciousness, to healing in your spirit-soul-body, to freedom, and to mindful living. To reach a level of meaningful existence that will allow you to pursue your goals and find your ultimate purpose in life. Because your holistic health, is my spirit’s joy… I consider my journey more than a Life Coach, I see it as an inspiration to add an inner light and strength to all to discover themselves in alignment with what lies deep within them – in their subconscious selves ready to be discovered and polished to shine forth its true glory. Every person has his or her true glory which needs to be mentored to glow.

Life Coaching Benefits

Get Clarity

Life coaching will help you get clear on what you want, what is most important to you, and help you discover your passion and purpose.

See The Possibilities

Nothing in life is permanent; you have the power of choice. You can choose to see things from another perspective regardless of circumstances.

Improve Confidence

Increase your self confidence. Life coaching will expose your worth and raise your standards. You will begin to see yourself as a person who deserves the best.

Set Compelling Goals

Be empowered to set and achieve compelling and inspirational goals. Set achievable milestones and action steps that will catapult you to success.


AKRAM KANSO, Motivational Public Speaker
Contact me for events, workshops and presentations. If you are seeking a strategic yet practical coaching professional, who knows what it’s like to feel stuck but also knows how to help you move into action, gain clarity and feel confident again, then get in touch! I’d love to work with you.

What people say about us

Akram made me think that i will mask many of my fears; and shameful feelings. But the opposite happened; i was open to tell him things; I couldn’t even tell to myself. From the first session; my mind shifted; my way of thinking shifted and cannot wait to finish my course with him.

Nesrine Bengra
Nesrine Bengra

The reading was so accurate and uplifting!! Definitely gave me the courage to pursue the path I had been debating on. surely will recommend to several friends.


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